Welcome to ColTex Corner, the place where my thoughts and ideas find their voice. Unlike my dedicated platform for more solemn musings at sadendings.blog, where I delve into narratives of loss and mystery, Col-Tex Corner is a broader canvas. Here, I explore a kaleidoscope of topics, sharing with you my unique perspectives, intriguing discoveries, and occasional flights of fancy.

The name 'ColTex' carries a rich backstory. It originates from a time almost two decades ago, when I needed a domain name to bridge some sites via VPN.  These sites were in Colorado and Texas – hence, the 'Col' and 'Tex'.

Col-Tex Gasoline

Yet, as I discovered, the name holds a surprising historical resonance. Once upon a time, from 1924 to 1969, there existed a 'Col-Tex' - a refinery and a network of gas stations. I have written an in-depth story on the history of the Col-Tex Refinery.

Thank you for being here, and I hope you find the content of Col-Tex Corner engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable.

Joseph C. Topping